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WANG Ming-shi, WU Xiao-ming, WANG Guang-ji
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Current Issue 2019 Vol. 50 No.1
Forward Pharmaceutical Sciences
TIAN Jiping, ZHANG Jian, ZHOU Jinpei and ZHANG Huibin
Advances in small molecule inhibitors of PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint pathway
2019,50(1):1.  [摘要] [PDF(3201k)]
YANG Shan, XU Cheng and YAO Jing
Strategies of nano drug delivery system applied in anti-angiogenic therapy
2019,50(1):11.  [摘要] [PDF(1853k)]
TIAN Weisheng
Chemistry of steroidal saponins as natural resource compounds
2019,50(1):19.  [摘要] [PDF(1759k)]
HOU Xiaofang, SHI Yingdi and WANG Sicen
Progress in the analysis of adulterated additives in traditional Chinese medicines and health care products
2019,50(1):33.  [摘要] [PDF(1053k)]
Original Articles
YANG Xiaojun, AI Fengfeng, LIN Junbing and TANG Jiangjiang
Chemical constituents extracted from Dictamnus dasycarpus and their α-glucosidase inhibitory activity
2019,50(1):41.  [摘要] [PDF(1045k)]
ZHOU Yongmei, TANG Cheng and ZHANG Sifang
Isolation and identification of antitumor constituents from Trichosanthes tricuspidata
2019,50(1):46.  [摘要] [PDF(1074k)]
ZHU Ling, QIN Chao, WU Jinlian, CHEN Yuhong and YIN Lifang
Preparation and in vitro evaluation of pregabalin controlled porosity osmotic pump tablets
2019,50(1):53.  [摘要] [PDF(1234k)]
HU Shihao, YU Xinyue, LI Ruiting, WU Xiaoxia, YANG Xuping, HAN Zhaodi and HUANG Yin
Analysis of the differential compounds in Astragalus membranaceus from different geographical origins by UFLC-IT-TOF/MS
2019,50(1):59.  [摘要] [PDF(2489k)]
ZOU Fuxian, XU Wen, HUANG Zehao, ZHANG Xun, CHEN Shuyun, LIN Yu and XU Wei
Analysis of transcriptome sequencing and related genes of flavonoid biosynthesis from Anoectochilus roxburghii
2019,50(1):66.  [摘要] [PDF(4171k)]
LIANG Feng, LI Duo, WANG Rongbin, SHU Chang and DING Li
Pharmacokinetics and absolute bioavailability of isoschaftoside in rat by LC-MS/MS
2019,50(1):75.  [摘要] [PDF(1236k)]
PENG Xuehan, XIE Wenmin, LI Ji and YU Feng
Comparative investigation of in vitro antitumor activity of Ganoderma lucidum spore oil
2019,50(1):81.  [摘要] [PDF(1569k)]
LOU Dongxiao, YAN Dong, GUO Min, WANG Qing, JIANG Cuihua and YIN Zhiqi
Antipyretic effect of Isodon eriocalyx extracts on yeast-induced fever in rats
2019,50(1):87.  [摘要] [PDF(1095k)]
LIANG Yixuan and WU Jie
Expression, purification and NETs degradation activity of human DNase I
2019,50(1):93.  [摘要] [PDF(2012k)]
LI Haoxian, LIN Huaqing, CHEN Jingwen and WANG Liyuan
Research progress of carbon nanomaterials in cancer drug delivery
2019,50(1):100.  [摘要] [PDF(1046k)]
XU Yi, YU Feng and LIU Yun
Role of non-coding RNA in pulmonary arterial hypertension
2019,50(1):107.  [摘要] [PDF(1033k)]
YUAN Ni, TIAN Tingting, ZHANG Haijun and WANG Yong
Major routes for orphan drugs to be incorporated into the reimbursement system of UK and the enlightenment to China
2019,50(1):113.  [摘要] [PDF(1663k)]
CHEN Yi, ZHUANG Qian and CHU Shuzhen
Research on exporting competitiveness of pharmaceuticals in China
2019,50(1):120.  [摘要] [PDF(1413k)]

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