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Current Issue 2018 Vol. 49 No.5
Forward Pharmaceutical Sciences
YANG Guoxun, XIONG Juan and HU Jinfeng
2017′s advanced natural products chemistry researches in China(1)
2018,49(5):511.  [摘要] [PDF(1342k)]
GUO Leilei, XU Yurui, ZHANG Lei, DONG Yiwen, LIN Shuting, NING Xinghai and LIU Xiaoxuan
Advances in the application of three-dimensional tumor spheroids model in the mechanism study of drug resistance
2018,49(5):521.  [摘要] [PDF(1757k)]
LU Xinyue and LYU Huixia
Research advances in materials for microspheres as drug delivery system
2018,49(5):528.  [摘要] [PDF(1053k)]
DU Te, CHEN Jing and SHEN Xu
Research advances in susceptibility genes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its association with type 2 diabetes
2018,49(5):537.  [摘要] [PDF(1053k)]
LUAN Jiaqi, JIA Wei, HUA Zhendong, XU Peng, SU Mengxiang, WANG Youmei and DI Bin
Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the screening of new psychoactive substances
2018,49(5):545.  [摘要] [PDF(1373k)]
Original Articles
CHEN Haitao, LU Xiaofei, HAN Fujiao, WANG Wenxin, FU Jingguo and CHEN Hui
Asymmetric hydrogenation of methyl-2-acylamino-3-arylacrylate
2018,49(5):553.  [摘要] [PDF(1025k)]
LIU Yan, LI Chengye, CAI Xingguang, SUN Lidan and HUANG Wenlong
Synthesis and preliminary anti-diabetic activity evaluation of novel PEGylated GLP-1 receptor agonists
2018,49(5):558.  [摘要] [PDF(2915k)]
LIU Li, WANG Chen, LIU Lixin and JI Tingting
Improved synthesis of analgesic pentazocine
2018,49(5):568.  [摘要] [PDF(1019k)]
LI Da, MA Congyu, LYU Qinglin, LIU Wenyuan, FENG Feng and ZHANG Jie
Total phenolic contents and bioactivities of defatted Vitellaria paradoxa kernels from different origin
2018,49(5):572.  [摘要] [PDF(1184k)]
WANG Jun, CAI Lingqiao, YAN Dong, GUO Min, WANG Qing, ZHANG Jian and YIN Zhiqi
Antiviral activities of flavonoids and diterpenoids isolated from Isodon eriocalyx(Dunn.)Hara
2018,49(5):580.  [摘要] [PDF(1086k)]
LIN Xia, LI Qibin, SHI Xiaoyu and YANG Ziyi
Preparation and evaluation of long-acting injectable formulations of memantine
2018,49(5):587.  [摘要] [PDF(1470k)]
WANG Xiaying, QIU Liangzhen, LI Qingzhuo, XU Wei and WANG Xiaoying
Synthesis of PEGylated carboxymethyl chitosan-rhein conjugate and preparation of paclitaxel-loaded polymeric micelles
2018,49(5):596.  [摘要] [PDF(2192k)]
ZHANG Jinlin, YUAN Yaozuo, ZHANG Ya, ZHAO Shuqiang, ZHAO Xun and ZHANG Mei
Consistency evaluation of domestic generic rifampicin capsules and reference drug in vitro
2018,49(5):603.  [摘要] [PDF(1056k)]
WANG Zhuo, WANG Zhanbo, CHENG Yanan, YOU Linjun, YANG Yong and WANG Guangji
Effects of schisandrin B on pharmacokinetics of doxorubicin in rats
2018,49(5):610.  [摘要] [PDF(2288k)]
MA Jingfan, ZHANG Yan, YE Ganping, WEI Qiliang and QIU Longxin
Seneciphylline induced the autophagy of cervical cancer cells via MEK/ERK1/2 regulation
2018,49(5):616.  [摘要] [PDF(3786k)]
YANG Wei, WANG Shaoda, QIN Shujie, WU Gang and HE Shuying
Effects and molecular mechanism of benserazide hydrochloride on LPS-induced inflammation in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
2018,49(5):624.  [摘要] [PDF(3178k)]
ZHANG Qijiayu, ZHANG Enhu, ZHU Xingmei and SUN Yi
Therapeutic effect and mechanism of different compatibility proportion of astragalus polysaccharides and matrines on ulcerative colitis model rats
2018,49(5):632.  [摘要] [PDF(2049k)]

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