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Journal of China Pharmaceutical University
PENG Si-xun
Associate Editors-in-Chief 
WANG Ming-shi, WU Xiao-ming, WANG Guang-ji
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Current Issue 2019 Vol. 50 No.4
Forward Pharmaceutical Sciences
DAI Yan, WU Xuri and CHEN Yijun
Advances in strategies for activating silent biosynthetic gene clusters in Streptomyces
2019,50(4):0.  [摘要] [PDF(6363k)]
HUANG Shuzhen, WANG Guangji and XIE Yuan
Advances in molecular mechanisms of organelle interaction and their role in disease development
2019,50(4):389.  [摘要] [PDF(2051k)]
HAN Tianjiao, HU Yuxi and FU Hongzheng
Research progress and consideration of polymeric prodrugs
2019,50(4):397.  [摘要] [PDF(999k)]
Original Articles
ZHANG Qiuyue, YOU Qidong and YANG Jinpeng
Process improvement on the synthesis of atomoxetine
2019,50(4):405.  [摘要] [PDF(1010k)]
KE Ke, JIANG Wenli, WANG Yu, ZHU Jingyu and JIN Jian
Study on the bioactivity against hematologic malignancies and theoretical binding mechanism of a novel PI3K inhibitor JN-65
2019,50(4):410.  [摘要] [PDF(2608k)]
DONG Wujun, FU Qiang and LYU Huixia
Surface solid dispersion of honokiol-croscarmellose sodium:preparation and characterization
2019,50(4):417.  [摘要] [PDF(1392k)]
NI Yueling, HAN Xing, SONG Min and HANG Taijun
Identification of the related substances of cyclosporin A by LC-MS techniques
2019,50(4):423.  [摘要] [PDF(2803k)]
WANG Zian, LIU Yang, WANG Peng, JIANG Yifei and JI Min
Preparation, in vitro imaging and antitumor activity of the second near-infrared imaging drug-loaded liposomes
2019,50(4):438.  [摘要] [PDF(2923k)]
ZHANG Libang, ZHANG Dongjian, GAO Meng, JIN Qiaomei, WU Tianze, YANG Yang, ZHANG Jian and YIN Zhiqi
Synthesis and evaluation of necrosis avidity of MRI contrast agent Gd-DO3A-Ether-Rhein
2019,50(4):444.  [摘要] [PDF(2387k)]
HU Bingxue, DONG Xue, FAN Hongwei, ZHU Yongqiang, ZHANG Yin and ZHANG Zhao
Cardiotoxicity evaluation of three novel proteasome inhibitors in zebrafish
2019,50(4):452.  [摘要] [PDF(1952k)]
CHEN Yuanyuan, LAI Meihong, YUN Xiaoyun, WANG Kui and XU Hui
Discovery and functional analysis of a cytochrome P450 gene involved in C-28 oxidation of the triterpenoids from Ilex pubescens
2019,50(4):459.  [摘要] [PDF(4979k)]
LI Jing, LUO Fuling, WU Shengwang, WAN Jingyuan and ZHAO Hengguang
Hair regeneration in mice was promoted by 3-methyladenine through inhibiting autophagy flux
2019,50(4):468.  [摘要] [PDF(6326k)]
XU Hongjiang, SHI Wei, SONG Wei, ZHANG Ying, ZHAO Kaidi, ZHANG Yinsheng, YANG Ling and WANG Jinan
Pharmacodynamic study of magnesium isoglycyrrhizinate in HBV transgenic mouse model
2019,50(4):475.  [摘要] [PDF(2305k)]
ZHANG Fangfang, LIU Yue and JIN Liang
Mechanism of lncRNA-PLUTO on promoting insulin biosynthesis and secretion
2019,50(4):481.  [摘要] [PDF(3298k)]
SUN Yan, GAO Xiangdong and CHEN Song
Effect and mechanism of FGF21 on astrocyte damage induced by Aβ25-35
2019,50(4):490.  [摘要] [PDF(3192k)]
ZHAO Mengqi and LIAO Hong
Researches progress of the relationship between neuro-inflammation and cognitive function
2019,50(4):497.  [摘要] [PDF(1062k)]

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