Progress on novel pediatric oral solid dosage forms

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    In China, the incidence of adverse reactions of drugs in children is twice that in adults; especially in the newborns, it is four times that in adults. The main reason is that the physiological characteristics of children are changing constantly due to that they are in a constant process of growth and development; while the pediatric medicines cannot meet the clinical needs of children in different age states. Accordingly, the development of pediatric medicines, especially oral solid preparations which are convenient for administration and storage, has attracted a lot of attention. This review introduced various pediatric oral solid dosage forms such as multiparticulates, orally disintegrating tablets(ODT)and chewable tablets. In addition, the efficient taste masking technology and accurate dose control were the further research directions for development of pediatric medicines, which would provide important theoretical references for studies on pediatric oral solid dosage forms in future.

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